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CQS/8P Stereo

CQS/8P Stereo

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The CQS/8P Stereo microphone boasts clear sound with minimal interference, allowing you to capture an instrument's entire range with natural accuracy. This professional-grade design ensures crisp highs and bold bass tones. It features two 8-inch (20cm) C-ducer tape microphones that can be used on one or two instruments like the CQM/8. The system requires two channels of the mixer or amplifier. Plus, the jack plugs make it easy to replace the tapes or cables in the event of damage or when the system is hired.

Technical Specifications

  • Output Impedance | 600 Ohms  
  • Output Type | XLR type balanced
  • Frequency Response | 25Hz to 50KHz
  • Output voltage (max) | 1.5V  
  • S/N ratio | 85 dB(A)  
  • Distortion | Less than 0.05%  
  • Power | DIN 45596 48V Phantom
  • Supplied in black plastic boxe | 230mm x 190mm x 45mm
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