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CQS Stereo

CQS Stereo

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The CQS Stereo microphone range boasts superior clarity and minimal noise interference, making it perfect for capturing a full spectrum of notes. Reap the benefits of a crisp high range and rich lows. Choose from two sizes: 8 cm (3") and 20 cm (8"). This stereo mike system provides two mikes for recording two instruments separately or joining together to create a fuller sound, similar to the CQM/8. CQS/3 suits small harps and strings, and CQS/8 is optimal for big instruments like pianos, grand pianos, and large string groups.

Technical Specifications

  • Output Impedance | 600 Ohms  
  • Output Type | XLR type balanced
  • Frequency Response | 25Hz to 50KHz
  • Output voltage (max) | 1.5V  
  • S/N ratio | 85 dB(A)  
  • Distortion | Less than 0.05%  
  • Power | DIN 45596 48V Phantom
  • Supplied in black plastic boxe | 230mm x 190mm x 45mm
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