A single 3 inch (8cm), C-ducer tape microphone is used on the Violin. The
C-ducer gives you a full acoustic sound which will sound with a high immunity to feedback. The tape is stuck over the sound post initially and then moved in small increments until the desired sound is produced..
Battery or Phantom Powered C-ducer systems are available for the Violin in mono or stereo formats. B1000/3, CPM/3
Protecting your Instrument
Non-polyurethane varnishes on old or delicate instruments require special protection before applying the adhesive-backed C-ducer in case of damage on removal. A special low-tack adhesive tape is available on request which should be cut to size and gently laid onto the area of the instrument where the C-ducer tape will be attached. The C-ducer can then be stuck, using the conventional double-sided adhesive tape supplied, onto the low-tack layer, and removed from this area as desired without removing any surface finish from the instrument.
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