"Very clean, dry, punchy, and plenty of bite - but without sacrificing the piano's naturally subtle response"

"from experience to date I would have to add that the separation they can provide would have to be good for studio or stage".
NZ Musician Magazine

Montreux Jazz Festival
I personally engineered 90% of the bands and artists who appeared at Montreux - without the C-ducers the grand piano could not have been amplified at the volume required nor would it have sounded as natural and as dynamic as it did.
Many Thanks again
Chris Ridgway - Sound Engineer
The C-ducer tape microphone is most widely used on the Piano with over fifteen thousand systems sold in the past 15 years. C-ducers are used in a wide variety of venues from studio applications to church pianos, cruise ship piano bars to jazz festivals. With both grand or upright two 8 inch (20cm) tapes are used..
Battery or Phantom Powered C-ducer systems are available for the Piano in mono or stereo formats. B2000/8, LP2/8, CP2/8, CPS/8, CPS/8p
Avoiding Problems in Acoustical Keyboard Amplification
Read article by Andre Walton
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