The C-ducer tape microphone has been used to mike acoustic guitars for more than 20 years, on both folk and classical instruments. A single 8 inch (20cm) tape is used on the Guitar..
Two positions are shown, position 1 has been found suitable for larger, more resonant instruments or when enhanced bass is desired. Position 2 provides a natural balance on Classical and Spanish-style instruments. In both cases the tape should be mounted close and parallel to the bridge.

The C-ducer will give you a "full round sound" not the more high frequency sound which you will get from under the saddle pick ups. The C-ducer will give much higher volume without feedback than a conventional microphone, but not as high a volume as other pizzo pick-ups.
There are Battery or Phantom powered
C-ducer system for the Guitar: B1000/8, CPM/8.
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