"The C-ducer microphone system installed in my Ludwig kit gives me several advantages, especially on the road, there is no need for a forest of mic stands (which can be knocked out of position during a gig) setting up and breaking down is always easy, the mic position never changes and they give me a full and punchy sound"
All the best - Rick Buckler (The Gift)
C-ducer tape microphones can be used on all types of drums there are a variety of ways to mount them depending on the desired sound. The main advantages of C-ducer on drums over conventional microphones are, excellent separation between drums, afull dynamic range, very low frequency responses for the bass drums, quick set up once the kit has been fitted with the tapes, no mic stands.

As a rule 8 inch (20cm) are used on the toms & bass with a 3 inch (8cm) or 4 inch (10cm) on the snare. The tapes are either stuck directly to the shell, or stuck to a foam wedge in the drum.

If the drums are double headed the
C-ducer cable will be passed through the breather hole.

C-ducer systems are custom made for drum kits CDS systems..
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