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C-ducer contact microphone systems offer musicians and sound engineers a unique and important audio tool when amplifying and recording acoustic instruments.

Miking Acoustic Instruments

C-ducer can be used on a wide variety of instruments: guitar, violin, drums, banjo, harpsichord, harp and many others but perhaps most famously - the piano. (Click here to see our dedicated piano site for more detailed information regards this application).

In most applications C-ducer is unobtrusive, being mounted on the underneath or back of a piano, or inside drums or blending into the natural colour of a violin, guitar or upright bass. Because the microphone is attached directly to the resonating area of the instrument, it has very high immunity to crosstalk from other instruments and can generally be amplified to considerable volume before feedback. Whether in the studio, the club, the concert hall, or the outdoor performance, the sound quality is excellent and C-ducer is quick and easy to use.  With over 15,000 systems in use it is the microphone system of choice for acoustic musicians and engineers.

This YouTube video is mainly about miking pianos, but it does show C-ducer on the guitar, and talks about violin, double bass and banjo